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Call For Presentations

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The importance of answering this call

We need your ideas, talents, and insights for the best possible conference!

The quality of a conference is a function of the people who present and share their ideas, tools, and content. At FOSS4G, those people are you, the incredible community that develops and uses free and open source geospatial software.

Presentations may be regular talks (20 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A), posters, or maps. We expect to have 200–250 talks selected through this call. The selected presentations will be organized into approximately 9 parallel tracks, along with a poster and map gallery.

A diverse array of presentations needed

The Program Committee is looking for a variety of different types of stories across a broad range of sectors and industries. Our program aims to cover the full breadth and depth of geospatial free and open source software as well as the application of FOSS4G technology. During the presentation abstract submittal process you will be asked to tag your abstract in the following ways:

The single general topic that best describes your presentation:

The one general theme or application area that best describes your presentation:

FOSS4G Development
The traditional cornerstone of this conference: desktop GIS, Web services, databases
  • Project news and updates
  • Project standards and data
New technology
Emerging technologies that have an impact on future geospatial development
  • Drones
  • Internet of Things
  • Remote sensing
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data
How geospatial tools are used within the business community
  • Products powered by FOSS4G
  • Business adoption
  • Business intelligence and logistics
  • Policy and planning
  • Citizen engagement
  • Disaster management
  • Local, state, and federal agency adoption and use
The Sciences
  • Climate and environment
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Biology
  • Public health
  • Archaeology
  • Data science
How geospatial tools are used and taught in an academic setting
  • Curricula
  • Community and Participatory GIS
March 21
Call for presentations closes
March 27
Community voting opens
April 10
Community voting closes
May 1
Accepted presentations announced

Selection Process

We expect to have 200–250 talks selected through this Call for Presentations. Keynote and invited presentations will round out the program. The volunteer FOSS4G Program Committee will lead the process but you, the attendees, will help select the presentations through an open Community Voting process. The most popular presentations will be included in the program, and the Program Committee will select the remainder to provide a diversity of voices and content.

Academic Papers

In addition to giving a regular talk or a poster, you may also choose to submit your work as an academic paper, with the goal of publication post-conference. The volunteer Academic Committee, will be providing further guidance on the academic paper timeline, review and selection process. So keep an eye on this page.

All presentations with accompanying papers will be labeled as “academic presentations” in the conference program. However, these papers will be mixed in with both academic and non-academic presentations based on the presentation themes and topics. The Academic Subcommittee will support efforts to get the best papers published in appropriate academic journals and to potentially assemble a conference proceedings.


There are two days of workshops prior to the main conference days. These workshops provide many great opportunities for hands on training. The call for workshops has begun


Submit a Presentation Submit a Workshop