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8:30 AMOpening Plenary
9:00 AMOpening / Ramsey
9:30 AMRamsey Keynote
10:00 AMExhibit Hall OpenBreak
TrackMisc.FOSS4GAlternative MappingPostGISGovernmentAdoptionImage ProcessingJavascriptBusinessCartographySDI/Portals
10:30 AMGenerating quick and easy React/OpenLayers Web MapsWelcome to the FOSS4G CommunityWikipedia mapsIntroducing the PostGIS Add-ons: An easy way to add functionality to PostGISBuilding the Capital Planning Platform: Leveraging Open Source Software to build data and mapping tools in Local GovernmentEmbracing Open Source for NASA's Earth Science Data SystemsCombination of satellite imagery and ground sensors to improve surface solar estimation: the e-space monitoring projectAnOl, GeoExt, MapStore 2, ngeo, ... — An overview of extensions, plugins, libraries & frameworks around OpenLayersMonsanto & Boundless contribution to the open source community; enabling fine grain entitlement for open source geospatial cloud systems (Geoserver) and desktop applications (QGIS)GeoPoll: integrate cartographic questions in web forms, polls or surveysScaling my SDI: Containers or VMs?
11:00 AMThe Story of Open Source Business Models at AzaveaBreaking Up is Easy to Do: Leaving ESRI Behind for QGIS - A Case StudyCross-Platform Mobile Mapping with React NativeProtobuf based output formats for PostGISBuilding a Frankenstein Open Data Portal with FOSS, sweat, and tearsThe Eagle has landed: Transitioning EAGLE-I from the Department of Energy to Oak Ridge National Laboratory; migrating to open sourceThe Making of Globe Nocturne - Building a Web Application for Night-time Satellite Imagery in Environmental & Socio-Economic Studies with Open Source Geospatial TechnologiesEfficient POI management system using search patterns of navigation usersThe role of open source geospatial software for market research in natural resourcesWhy your map sucks and you don't even know itMaintaining Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) using distributed task queues
11:30 AMTBDLet them expire! - One company's experience with fewer proprietary software licensesDon't Code, Configure: Turn Your Maps into AppsExtending PostGIS with PythonDesigning open smart city platform with FOSS4G for emerging citiesBentley's travels in the Open Source worldExploring the relationship between climate and forest conditions in Foret Classee de la Mondah (GABON) using remote sensing dataNgeo: a companion library for OpenLayers 3Collaborating with Industry: Building an open source and cloud based geospatial platformMapping the world: going beyond web mercator with GeoServerBuilding and evaluating the user experience of an Open Source geoportal: the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal
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TrackPostGIS/BusinessCommunityImage ProcessingPostGIS/SQL/OfflineGovernmentOpen Datascience/postgisJavascriptBusiness/State OfContainers/Raspberry PiSDI/Portals
1:30 PMPostGIS Spatial TricksWhat's up with diversity?Satellite exploitation platform developed entirely with FOSS softwareHow to version my spatial database?Regional Wastewater Treatment Planning: FOSS RESTful API Stack & Web Application DevelopmentDiscovering the world of open dataUsing Big data to produce map of food insecurity and future conflict in the worldGeoJS: High Performance Geospatial Visualization for Scientific and Infovis CommmunityFOSS4G from the TrenchesAn introduction to containerising geospatial apps with DockerVisualizing Spatial Data Repositories: Open Geoportal Analytics Toolkit
2:00 PMBreaking the 4th dimension: working with time in PostgreSQL and PostGISThe UN OpenGIS InitiativeUsing Mapbox and GDAL to Visualize Trends in Ocean Phytoplankton from NASA Earth Observations Satellite ImagesAnalysing the performance of NoSql vs. SQL databases for Spatial and Aggregate queriesColumbia Pacific coastal municipal utility applications with GeoMOOSEHow can we better serve our citizens? New York City, Open Data, & FOSS4G Technologies - A Management ApproachProviding API Access to Cutting Edge Forest Monitoring and Analysis ToolsBrowser-based geoprocessing with Turf.jsSales and Support engineering in an Open Source SaaS start upContainerizing your geospatial applications with DockerOpenGeoportal lands to Europe: use cases and improvements from Geodata@Polimi
2:30 PMWhat the Heck Does an Open Source Job Look Like, Anyway? A Panel DiscussionFake Maps, Very DishonestWeather from 250 miles up: visualizing precipitation satellite data (and other weather applications) using CesiumJS.Offline Maps Sync using SQLiteTBDOpen Data and Processing Services at NASA's Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC)Towards A Web-Enabled Geo-Sample Web: An Open Source Resource Management and Registration System for Connecting Geo-Samples to the WebD3.js in postgres with plv8State of JTSHave Your (Raspberry) Pi, and Map with It Too.Building National Spatial Data Portals using GeoNode
3:00 PMMaking money and building a business with Open Source Geospatial Technology: What works today? What will work in the future?OpenHistoryMapHigh resolution topography of Polar Regions using open source software, optical satellite imagery, and supercomputing resourcesOffline first mappingLocal and regional planning in 3D: using CesiumJS and Meteor to create land use scenarios.The Open GeoportalSupporting Trajectory UDF Queries and Indexes on PostGISExtending Leaflet and Creating Leaflet PluginsGeoNetwork: State of the ArtPirate Maps: Experiments with portable maps on the Raspberry PiStory of Oskari - from a national geoportal towards an international OSGeo Project
3:30 PMBreak
TrackMisc.AI/Maching LearningGovernmentMisc.JavascriptState OfPython/ServerlessGeoNode/Node.js
4:00 PMTBDExtracting intelligent information from aerial images using machine learningMapping Women's Marches around the world from January 21, 2017.LUMASS - a spatial System Dynamics Modelling FrameworkSolr Heatmap Leaflet LibraryAdvanced geospatial technologies: The new powerful GRASS GIS 7.2 releaseGeoViews: From exploratory analysis to custom GIS dashboards in a few lines of Python codeThe State of GeoNode
4:30 PMTBDAccelerating map making with artificial intelligenceThe evolution of Inteligeo, the Brazilian Federal Police GIS, from 2009 to 2017 - from a proprietary stack to FOSSThe Data Observatory: an Open Source ETL and Metadata Framework for GeodataRe-vitalizing an enterprise mapping portal using: Elasticsearch, AngularJS and LeafletState of GeoWebCachePython Raster Processing on Serverless ArchitectureCartoView App Market: Configurable Web Apps for GeoNode
5:00 PMTBDEnd-to-End Geo Machine LearningSERCH Lights: Delivering the right information, in the right place, at the right time.Spatially enable WordPress with WP-GeoMeta-LibMapStore 2, modern mashups with OL3, Leaflet and ReactState of GeoGigScalable Geospatial Microservices with Kubernetes and PostGISModern Spatial Middleware: Building Scalable Web Services with Node.js and Mapnik
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