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PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
Bentley's travels in the Open Source worldPano Voudouris & Martin Icking - Bentley Systems
Deep Dives into Boston History: View Hundreds of Aligned Maps using Mapjunction and Open SourceBill Warner, Andrey Shebentovsky, & Elad Horn - Mapjunction
Energy Delivery Expansion Planning through pgRoutingSaul Farber - PeopleGIS, Inc
FOSS4G from the TrenchesRandal Hale - North River Geographic Systems Inc.
GeoServer Clustering Revisited: Getting Your Docker OnDerek Kern - Ubisense, Inc.
Let them expire! - One company’s experience with fewer proprietary software licensesPaul Wickman - RESPEC
Making money and building a business with Open Source Geospatial Technology: What works today? What will work in the future?Eddie Pickle - DigitalGlobe; Anthony Calamito - Boundless
Monsanto & Boundless contribution to the open source community; enabling fine grain entitlement for open source geospatial cloud systems (Geoserver) and desktop applications (QGIS)Paul Trudt - Location360 Monsanto; Amiram Rahav - Solution Architect Boundless
Raster is a disaster, vector is a spectre: the tale of one startup on a budget, wading through the tile wars.William Morris, Tristan Davies, & Eric Kidd - Faraday Inc.
Re-vitalizing an enterprise mapping portal using: Elasticsearch, AngularJS and LeafletStan Blaauw - San Jose Water Company
Sales and Support engineering in an Open Source SaaS start upJorge Sanz - CARTO
The Story of Open Source Business Models at AzaveaRobert Cheetham - Azavea
What the Heck Does an Open Source Job Look Like, Anyway? A Panel DiscussionSara Safavi & Anthony Calamito - Boundless


PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
Analysing the performance of NoSql vs. SQL databases for Spatial and Aggregate queriesSarthak agarwal & Dr. KS Rajan - International Institue of Information Technology
Building an open access "spatial data management and integration" course for the world based on Common-based Peer Production principlesCharlie Schweik & Alexander Stepanov - UMass Amherst
Exploring open (and closed) coordinate system definitions in off the shelf software such as Global Mapper and Geographic CalculatorVictor Minor - Blue Marble Geographics
FAKE MAPS, very dishonestSteven Feldman - KnowWhere Consulting
FOSS4G at University of Colorado DenverRachel Stevenson, Deborah Thomas, & Rafael Moreno - University of Colorado Denver
GIS-Explorations of Earth: A Gateway to the Big Data WorkforceMichelle K. Hall - Science Education Solutions, Inc.; C. Scott Walker - Harvard University; Kurt Menke - Birds Eye View Consulting
i-Reindeer - developing educational 3D quest game based on Taimyr herd migrationAnna Pestereva, Varvara Korkina, Andrey Petrov, Narmina Iusubova - University of Northern Iowa, ARCTICenter
Indexes in geo-temporal data sets... How much is enough?Christopher N. Eichelberger - Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.
It´s all about dataLene Fischer - University of Copenhagen, Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, Forest and Landscape College
National Library of Medicine community health mapping programKurt Menke - Bird's Eye View; John C. Scott - Center for Public Service Communications
OpenGeoportal lands to Europe: use cases and improvements from Geodata@Polimi [Academic]Marcella Samakovlija - Politecnico di Milano - Italy; Francesco Bartoli - Geobeyond Srl - Italy
Rspatial.org, tutorials for learning Spatial RAlex Mandel, Robert Hijmans, & Aniruddha Ghosh - University of California Davis
Solar Electricity Potentials in Mati City Based on Satellite Data and Geographic Information SystemsJerick S. Candido - St. Mary's College of Tagum; Glenn D. Depra - Ateneo de Davao University
State of Geoforall - OSGeo global education and research labs networkHelena Mitasova, Vaclav Petras, & Anna Petrasova - Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences and Center for Geospatial Analytics, North Carolina State University
Surface Runoff Estimation and Sediment Load Simulation: Basis for Surface Runoff Mitigation Plan of Madgao and Saug Rivers Watershed in Asuncion, Davao Del Norte, PhilippinesCharlotte Jane Cagmat Biado, Darice Anne Ruales Tio, Marc Thotilo Vicente Caparos, Jayford Tangkisan Relator, & Glenn Depra - St. Mary's College of Tagum, Inc.
Teaching QGIS in the Public Sector: Adoption through EducationRandall D. McMillen - Mississippi State University
Two laptops and a bag of thumb drives: knitting together a global community using FOSS4GTina Cormier - TellusLabs; Jesse Bishop - NBT Solutions

FOSS4G Development

PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
3D City Models for everyone!Felix Kunde - Beuth University of Applied Sciences
3D Tiles In ActionSean Lilley - Analytical Graphics Inc.
7 Falsehoods Programmers Believe about Place & TimeEmily Ashley - Boundless
A FOSS web mapping solution for disparate precision agriculture dataAngelo Podagrosi - Penn State University World Campus
A history, status report, and outlook of Proj.4Howard Butler - Hobu, Inc.
Automatic generation of a 2-D-TIN for river hydraulics from 1-D cross section data [Academic]Jörg Höttges & Gesa Kutschera - FH Aachen
Big Weather Data, all about partitions and precipitationNorman Barker - The Weather Company & IBM Business
Breaking the 4th dimension: working with time in PostgreSQL and PostGISDavid W Bitner - Boundless Spatial
Building a Table Joining like service with Web Processing ServicesIan Turton - Astun Technology
Building and evaluating the user experience of an Open Source geoportal: the Big Ten Academic Alliance GeoportalMara Blake - University of Michigan; Ryan Mattke - University of Minnesota
CartoView App Market: Configurable Web Apps for GeoNodeAhmed Osman - CartoLogic
CARTO's spatial analytics extension, an updateAndy Eschbacher - CARTO
Collaborating with Industry: Building an open source and cloud based geospatial platformAndy Dearing - Boundless; Martin Mendez - Monsanto; Naghman Waheed - Monsanto
Columbia Pacific coastal municipal utility applications with GeoMOOSEMark Scott - Cartomation
Conservation Irrigation Water Management using FOSS4G - Season 2Paul Senne - RESPEC
Creating input masks for QGIS using Python, PyQt, Qt DesignerNuma Gremling - geoSYS
Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer : mastering SLD and CSS styles.Andrea Aime - Geosolutions
Cross-Platform Mobile Mapping with React NativeLandon Robinson & Frank Rowe - Boundless
D3.js in postgres with plv8Steven Ottens - Geodan
Designing open smart city platform with FOSS4G for emerging cities [Academic]Junyoung Choi - Korea Land and Housing corp.
Development of an extension of GeoServer to provide handling three-dimensional spatial data [Academic]Hyung-Gyu Ryoo, Soojin Kim, Taehoon Kim, & Ki-Joune Li - Pusan National Univeristy
Discovering the world of open dataHaoliang Yu - NBT Solutions LLC
DSG Tools: a toolbox for database management and vector data quality in QGISLuiz Claudio Oliveira de Andrade & Philipe Borba - Geographic Service, Brazilian Army
Efficient POI management system using search patterns of navigation usersYoungjae Chun & Junhee Jang - Hyundai MnSoft.
Everything old is new again: What open source Google Earth Enterprise means for FOSS4G and CesiumMatthew Amato - Cesium
Exposing location data services through SQLRafa de la Torre - CARTO
Extending Leaflet and Creating Leaflet PluginsPatrick Arlt - Esri
Extending PostGIS with PythonBenjamin Trigona-Harany - Planet
GeoServer Feature FrenzyKevin Smith - Boundless; Andrea Aime - GeoSolutions; Jody Garnett - Boundless
GeoServer in Production: we do it, here is how!Simone Giannecchini & Andrea Aime - GeoSolutions SAS.
GeoWave: Utilizing Distributed Key-Value Stores for Multidimensional Data [Academic]Michael Whitby & Rich Fecher - DigitalGlobe
Google Earth Enterprise is Thriving as Open SourceAndres Terrazas - Thermopylae Sciences and Technology
Hosted Services are Hard (And So Can You!)Diana Shkolnikov - Mapzen
How to version my spatial database?Felix Kunde - Beuth University of Applied Sciences
HOWL: 3D/4D mapping and visualization of Oregon's wildlandsRicardo Morin - Ricardo Morin LLC
Introducing the PostGIS Add-ons: An easy way to add functionality to PostGISPierre Racine - University Laval
Introduction to Apache Spatial Information System (SIS)Martin Desruisseaux - Geomatys
Local and regional planning in 3D: using CesiumJS and Meteor to create land use scenarios.Justin P. Martinez - Denver Regional Council of Governments
LUMASS - a spatial System Dynamics Modelling FrameworkAlexander Herzig & Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd; Daniel Rutledge - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands
MapBox Styles for GeoServer and OpenLayersDavid Vick & Torben Barsballe - Boundless
Mapping the world: going beyond web mercator with GeoServerAndrea Aime - GeoSolutions
MapStore 2, modern mashups with OL3, Leaflet and ReactMauro Bartolomeoli, Lorenzo Natali, & Simone Giannecchini - GeoSolutions SAS
Migrating to Vector TilesLizzi Slivinski - NBT Solutions
Ngeo: a companion library for OpenLayers 3Florent Gravin - Camptocamp SA
Non-cartographic visualizations of geographic dataAndrew Turner - Esri
Open Data and Processing Services at NASA's Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC)Kytt MacManus - Columbia University, CIESIN - NASA SEDAC
Open Source Geospatial Tools to Enable Large Scale 3D Scene ModelingScott Almes, Shea Hagstrom, Denise Chilcott, Hirsh Goldberg, & Myron Brown - JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
PDAL Project Status and IntroMichael Smith - US Army Corps of Engineers
Point Cloud Filters & Pipelines in PDALBrad Chambers - DigitalGlobe, Inc.
PostGIS Spatial TricksRegina Obe & Leo Hsu - Paragon Corporation
Promoting your open source implementation and getting OGC free certificationLuis Bermudez - OGC
Protobuf based output formats for PostGISBjörn Harrtell - Septima P/S
Python Raster Processing on Serverless ArchitectureMatthew McFarland - Azavea
QGIS Web Client 2Pirmin Kalberer - Sourcepole
Scalable Geospatial Microservices with Kubernetes and PostGISMark Mathis - Descartes Labs
Scaling my SDI: Containers or VMs?Francesco Bartoli - Geobeyond Srl.; Jeffrey Johnson - Terranodo; Angelos Tzotsos - OSGeo.
Serverless! Serving GeoData in Open Standards One Request at a TimeDaniel Fenton - Esri
Sharing and Migrating GIS Projects with OGC GeoPackageJoana Simoes - GeoCat; Pirmin Kalberer - Sourcepole; Paul van Genuchten - GeoCat
Social Behavior Dynamics based Transnational Trafficking Route Analysis Using pgRouting [Academic]Eunjung Elle Lim - University of Maryland College Park
Spatial Regression Explorer - A FOSS Web Tool for Spatial Regression TechniquesSpencer Bell - The Pennsylvania State University
State of GeoGigDave Blasby & Gabriel Roldan - Boundless
State of GeoServerJody Garnett - Boundless; Andrea Aime - GeoSolutions; Kevin Smith - Boundless
State of GeoWebCacheKevin Smith - Boundless
State of JTSJim Hughes, Rob Emanuele, Jody Garnett - Boundless
State of QGISLarry Shaffer - Boundless; Kurt Menke - Bird's Eye View GIS
Story of Oskari - from a national geoportal towards an international OSGeo ProjectTimo Aarnio - National Land Survey of Finland
Supporting Trajectory UDF Queries and Indexes on PostGIS [Academic]Pyoung Woo Yang - Turbosoft Inc.; Kwang Woo Nam - Kunsan National University
The Open GeoportalChris Barnett - Open Geoportal, Tufts University
The State of GeoNodeSimone Dalmasso - European Commission; Jeffrey Johnson & Ariel Núñez - Terranodo; Francesco Bartoli - Geobeyond; Paolo Corti - Harvard University
Towards an Improved Metadata Management in QGIS: Vision and RoadmapJoana Simoes - GeoCat; Angelos Tzotsos - OSGeo; Tim Sutton - Kartoza.
Vector tiles from OpenStreetMap with OpenMapTiles and TileServer GLPetr Pridal & Dalibor Janak - Klokan Technologies GmbH
Visionmaker NYC: Browser-based cellwise raster editing for urban sustainabilityKim Fisher & Eric Sanderson - Wildlife Conservation Society; Dustin Sampson - Sparkgeo
Welcome to the FOSS4G CommunityJody Garnett - Boundless
What's up with diversity?María Arias de Reyna Domínguez - GeoCat
Why 3D? The benefits of 3D geospatial visualization beyond pretty picturesHannah Pinkos - Cesium
ZOO-Project 1.7.0: What is new about Open WPS PlatformGérald Fenoy - GeoLabs SARL; Venkatesh Raghavan - Osaka City University; Nicolas Bozon - ESRI France


PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
A Tool for Assessing Port Capabilities Across the GlobeJoseph L. Gutenson, Aaron R. Byrd, Dustin T. Brown, Brent H. Hargis, & Alan D. Snow - US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Breaking Up is Easy to Do: Leaving ESRI Behind for QGIS - A Case StudyAlex Cohn - Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
Building a Frankenstein Open Data Portal with FOSS, sweat, and tearsMike Dolbow - State of Minnesota
Building National Spatial Data Portals using GeoNodeAllan Oware Maungu - RCMRD
Building the Capital Planning Platform: Leveraging Open Source Software to build data and mapping tools in Local GovernmentChristopher M. Whong - New York City Department of City Planning
Copernicus EMS - Mapping: Crisis Response and Data SharingSimone Dalmasso - European Commission, JRC
Critical Cartography: Encoding ideas about equity and equality in spatial algorithmsMatthew Cloyd - OpenCounter
Detecting Traffic Crash Patterns and Identifying the most Risky Street Segments and Sections for City of Boston using Spatial Statistical Methods Youshe Li - City of Boston Department of Innovation and Technology
Embracing Open Source for NASA's Earth Science Data SystemsKathleen Baynes - NASA Earth Science Data and Information Systems; Dan Pilone - Element 84 Inc.; Dave Meyer - NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center; Kevin Murphy - NASA Headquarters; Ryan Boller - NASA Earth Science Data and Information Systems
Forest Management - A FOSS4G ApproachJames Cross & Andy Smiegielski - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Geographic Update Partnership SoftwareChristopher Wingate, Monica Mardel, Patrick Jurgens, Ryan Short, & Laura Waggoner - United States Census Bureau
GeoNetwork: State of the ArtMaría Arias de Reyna - GeoCat
Health Accessibility in South East Santiago de ChileCristian Navas Duk & Ricardo Sanchez Lang - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
How can we better serve our citizens? New York City, Open Data, & FOSS4G Technologies - A Management ApproachTimothy Morrissey - New York City Dept of Info Tech & Tel – GIS Unit
How to make use of FOSS4G in public broadcastingHarald K. Jansson - Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Mapping Women's Marches around the world from January 21, 2017.Lauren Kennedy - MIT
National Collaborative Mapping of Forests and Natural Resources From a Government Initiative - The Rural Environmental Registry (CAR)Leandro Meneguelli Biondo, Bernardo de Araujo Morais Trovao, & Rejane Marques Mendes - Brazilian Forest Services
OpenAQ: An open air quality platform and community for the worldChrista Hasenkopf - OpenAQ
ORFEO ToolBox license change from CeCILL to Apache : diary of a long journeyManuel Grizonnet, Patrice Maurette, & Julien Michel - CNES.; Sébastien Dinot - CS-SI.
Personal Radiation Exposure Management by using an Offline Map for Fukushima ResidentsKyoung-Sook Kim, Wataru Naito, & Hirotaka Ogawa - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (JAPAN)
Pghydro Project: postgresql-postgis extension to assist in water resources decision makingDr. Alexandre de Amorim Teixeira - National Water Agency of Brazil; Dra. Adalene Moreira Silva - University of Brasilia
Polygon aggregator for big time series of Amazon deforestation dataLuiz Pacheco Motta, George Porto Ferreira, & Pedro Ferraz Cruz - Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources
QKan - Management of drainage system data with QGIS [Academic]Jörg Höttges - FH Aachen
Regional Wastewater Treatment Planning: FOSS RESTful API Stack & Web Application DevelopmentShawn Goulet - Cape Cod Commission
Solving the last mile problem with OpenTripPlanner (OTP), Mapzen Pelias, and open dataMadeline Steele, Bibiana McHugh, & Tom Lin - TriMet
The Eagle has landed: Transitioning EAGLE-I from the Department of Energy to Oak Ridge National Laboratory; migrating to open sourceMatthew Whitehead, Jibonananda Sanyal, & Aaron Myers - Oak Ridge National Laboratory;
The evolution of Inteligeo, the Brazilian Federal Police GIS, from 2009 to 2017 - from a proprietary stack to FOSSDaniel Miranda, Daniel Russo, & Luciano Lamper Martinez - Brazilian Federal Police
The UN OpenGIS InitiativeKyoung-Soo Eom - UN GIS, Information and Communications Technology Division (US); Ricardo Arias - U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM) (USA DoD); Maria Antonia Brovelli - OSGeo; Politecnico di Milano (Italy); Ki-Joune Li -Pusan National University (South Korea); HaeKyong Kang - KRIHS (South Korea)
TransBASEsf.org: Linking Transportation Systems to Our HealthDevan Morris - San Francisco Department of Public Health
Transforming Geospatial Data for Visualization with D3Beatrice Jin & Benjamin Krepp - Central Transportation Planning Staff, Boston, MA
Tufts Spatial Data Rescue: Crawling at-risk Government DataKyle Monahan - Tufts University
Using FOSS mapping and charting tools to visualize refugee and immigrant integration dataRachel Wong - Pennsylvania State University.
Using FOSS4G to Support Polio Eradication in West AfricaJerome Oyetoro - eHealth Africa
Where the Grass Meets the Sky: Developing an Early Warning GIS for Nomadic Herders in the West African SahelAlexander Merkovic-Orenstein - Action Against Hunger

New Technology

PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
A Brand-New GeoBIM(Building Information Model) platform on Top of Cusium and World WindHakjoon Kim, Sungdo Son, & Sanghee Shin - Gaia3D, Inc.; Sungin Choi & Heeyoung Heo - Central Research Institute of SAMSUNG Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
A case study using Kubernetes/Docker routing , geocoding, and basemap microservices with QGIS and OpenLayersJoseph Miller & Christian Del Pino - Boundless
A Journey through R for GeoTina A. Cormier - TellusLabs
Accelerating geospatial analytics using Apache SparkRam Sriharsha - Databricks; Tzuan Ta Wang
Accelerating map making with artificial intelligenceDaniel J. Dufour - First Draft GIS
Advanced geospatial technologies: The new powerful GRASS GIS 7.2 releaseVaclav Petras - North Carolina State University; Markus Neteler - Mundialis GmbH & Co. KG; Anna Petrasova - North Carolina State University; Helena Mitasova - North Carolina State University
An Introduction to containerising geospatial apps with DockerJames Milner - 3D Repo
AnOl, GeoExt, MapStore 2, ngeo, ... — An overview of extensions, plugins, libraries & frameworks around OpenLayersMarc Jansen - terrestris GmbH & Co. KG
Approaches to Visualising Big DataJames Milner - 3D Repo
Best Practice for Serving Imagery using MapServer on Amazon Web ServicesMark Korver & Jason Deweese - Amazon Web Services
Browser-based geoprocessing with Turf.jsNuma Gremling - geoSYS
Converging GeoData, Big Data, And Web ApplicationsSteven Pousty - Red Hat Inc.
Data driven styling for fast GL mapsMolly Lloyd - Mapbox
Devops for GIS in the CloudWorth Becker & Seth Baxter - Prominent Edge
DIY mapping with drones and open source in a humanitarian contextDan Joseph - American Red Cross
Don't Code, Configure: Turn Your Maps into AppsMarko Santic - GIS Cloud
End-to-End Geo Machine LearningDrew Bollinger & Ian Schuler - Development Seed
Extracting intelligent information from aerial images using machine learningMathilde Ørstavik - Norkart
Generating quick and easy React/OpenLayers Web MapsWilliam Nordmann - Boundless Geo
GeoJS: High Performance Geospatial Visualization for Scientific and Infovis CommmunityAashish Chaudhary, David Manthey, & Jonathan Beezley -Kitware Inc.
GeoMesa and geospatial Spark SQL: using cloud computing to make sense out of trillions of featuresMatthew Zimmerman, Tom Kunicki, Andrew Hulbert, James Hughes, & Anthony Fox - Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc.
GeoNotebook: an extension to the Jupyter Notebook for exploratory geospatial analysisChristopher Kotfila - Kitware Inc; Aashish Chaudhary - Kitware Inc; Petr Votiva - NASA Ames
Geopyter: GeoMesa and PySpark in Jupyter notebooks.Thomas C. Kunicki & Gerard C. Briones - CCRi
Geospatial Lambda for scaleable, serverless geo-processingMatthew Hanson - Development Seed
GeoViews: From exploratory analysis to custom GIS dashboards in a few lines of Python codePhilipp Rudiger & James A. Bednar - Continuum Analytics Inc.
Have Your (Raspberry) Pi, and Map with It Too.Jim Klassen & Bob Basques - SharedGeo
Integrating Apache Spark and R for Big Data Analytics on solving geographic problemsZhang Mengqi & Kam Tin Seong - Singapore Management University
Introduction to Serverless for GeoMark Varley - AddressCloud
LiveDroneMap - an Automatic Real-time UAV Mapping SolutionJangwoo Cheon, Sangwoo Ham, Kyoungah Choi, & Impyeong Lee - University of Seoul
Maintaining Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) using distributed task queues [Academic]Paolo Corti & Ben Lewis - Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis; Ariel Núñez - Terranodo LLC
Map Markup Language and the Web of Maps: How Hypertext Works For MappingPeter Rushforth - Natural Resources Canada
Map Rendering and Route Planning UnifiedStefan Funke - University of Stuttgart; Sabine Storandt - University of Würzburg
Mapbox GL: How vector maps workVladimir Agafonkin - Mapbox
Mapping Terra Incognita: Bringing Buildings into 2D/3D GISAlexander Stepanov - UMass Amherst
Mars in 3D across oceans of time: How we made Rewind the Red PlanetBrian T. Jacobs - National Geographic
Melown 3D mapping stackOndrej Procházka, Jáchym Cepický, & Stanislav Šumbera - Melown
Modern Spatial Middleware: Building Scalable Web Services with Node.js and MapnikTravis Webb - Langa
Noise: A new search index for semi structured dataVolker Mische - OnMyOwn
Offline first mappingCalvin Metcalf - AppGeo
Offline Maps Sync using SQLiteDino Ravnic - GIS Cloud
OnEarth 2.0: Updates to NASA's open source high performance map serverJoe T. Roberts & Joshua D. Rodriguez - Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Lucian Plesea - Esri; Matthew F. Cechini - Science Systems and Applications, Inc.; Ryan A. Boller & Kathleen Baynes - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Pirate Maps: Experiments with portable maps on the Raspberry PiIan Turton - Astun Technology
Planning and Visioning with Virtual RealityMatthew Cloyd - OpenCounter
Processing Imagery from the World's Largest Private Fleet of SatellitesMarkus Müller & Michael Weisman - Planet
R in the Z-dimension: Processing LiDAR data for freeJean-Romain Roussel - Centre de recherche sur les matériaux renouvelables, Département des sciences du bois et de la forêt, Université Laval, Québec, Canada; Tina A. Cormier - TellusLabs
Remote Analysis of Big Data in Cloud Object Storage using FUSE, Jupyter Notebooks, Docker and KubernetesDavid Raleigh
Satellite exploitation platform developed entirely with FOSS softwareVasile Craciunescu - Terrasigna; Marian Munteanul - West University of Timisoara; Krzysztof Myslakowski - Creotech Instruments; Rok Mocnik & SinergiseIgor Kratochvil - GISAT; Bartosz Buszke - WASAT; Przemyslaw Turos - Sigma Games; Marcin Gil - CloudFerro
Serverless architectures & automated pipelines for GIS applicationsJoe Meilinger & Tyler Garner - Prominent Edge
Serverless architectures for geoAndrew Thompson -CARTO
Solr Heatmap Leaflet LibraryJack Reed - Stanford University; Stephen McDonald - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Spatially enable WordPress with WP-GeoMeta-LibMichael Moore - LuminFire
The Billion Object Platform (BOP): a system to lower barriers to support big, streaming, spatio-temporal data sources [Academic]Ben Lewis - Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University; David Smiley - Self Employed; Ariel Nunez - Terranodo LLC; Devika Kakkar - Center for Geographic Analysis, Harvard University
The Data Observatory: an Open Source ETL and Metadata Framework for GeodataStuart Lynn - CARTO
The MapStory approach to crowd-editing change over timeNitin Gadia - MapStory Foundation; Tyler Battle - Boundless Geo
Trillions of points - spatial indexing, organization, and exploitation of massive point cloudsConnor Manning - Hobu, Inc.
Using Big data to produce map of food insecurity and future conflict in the worldNarcisse Mbunzama - AVONAX GROUP
Using open source natural language processing tools to uncover the geospatial past of a lethal plant pathogenRachael Guenter - North Carolina State University; Laura Tateosian - North Carolina State University, Center for Geospatial Analytics; Jean Ristaino - North Carolina State University, Department of Plant Pathology
Visualizing Spatial Data Repositories: Open Geoportal Analytics Toolkit [Academic]Patrick Florance - Tufts University
We're gonna need a bigger boat! Severless Geo to avoid disasterTomas Holderness - MIT Urban Risk Lab; Mark Varley - Envision IT
Why your map sucks and you don't even know itWill Cadell & Dustin Sampson - Sparkgeo.com
Wikipedia mapsYuri Astrakhan - Wikipedia & Elastic developer


PresentationPresenters & Affiliation
A Cloud-based Epidemiological Surveillance Platform with Application to Chagas Disease Vector ControlClaudia Arevalo Nieto - UPENN- UPCH Zoonotic Disease Research Center
A New Spatial Approach for Efficient Transformation of Equality - Generalized TSP to TSP [Academic]Mohammed Zia - Geomatics Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University; Ziyadin Cakir - Department of Geology, Istanbul Technical University; Dursun Zafer Seker - Geomatics Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University
Albion : 3D modeling software dedicated to the geologyEmmanuel Duguey - Oslandia
An open, standards-based and flexible point cloud data serviceAdam Steer, Claire Trenham, Joseph Antony, Pablo Rozas-Larraondo, Sean Pringle, & Ben Evans - National Computational Infrastructure
Charcoal, iron and people: Revealing historic and archaeological landscapes using open access LiDAR data in PennsylvaniaBenjamin Carter - Muhlenberg College
Combination of satellite imagery and ground sensors to improve surface solar estimation: the e-space monitoring projectCaroline Lallemand, Mathieu Turpin, Nicolas Sébastien, Sylvain Cros, & Frederik Kurzrock - Reuniwatt
Custom QGIS Symbols with InkscapeMichele Tobias - UC Davis Library
Density mapping of ship traffic using FOSS4G in C# .NETMorten Aronsen - FFI
Developing an OGC Sensor Observation Service for legacy databases [Academic]Brent Wood - NIWA; Simon Jirka & Carsten Hollmann - 52 North; Petula Lau - NIWA
Developing Scalable Information Extraction Processing Pipelines using R for Earth Observation Applications [Academic]Aniruddha Ghosh, Alex Mandel, & Robert Hijmans - University of California Davis
Development of a new QGIS plugin for calculating vegetation indices from UAV-based RGB imagesByeong-Hyeok Yu & Im-Pyeong Lee - Dept. of Geoinformatics, University of Seoul
Discrete global grids: what they are, how to use themRichard Barnes - UC Berkeley
Exploring the relationship between climate and forest conditions in Foret Classee de la Mondah (GABON) using remote sensing data [Academic]Mariano Mboumba, Ichio Asanuma, & Keitaro Hara - Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Facilitate Visualization and Distribution of NASA Environmental Science Data through Open Standards and Open Source Software for GeospatialYaxing Wei, Zhaoying (Angie) Wei, & Suresh SanthanaVannan - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
GeoPoll: integrate cartographic questions in web forms, polls or surveys [Academic]Daniel Rappo & Adrien Bigler - Media Engineering Institute, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland; Florent Joerin, Maude Luggen Risse, & Sarah Composto - EC+G Department, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland; Olivier Ertz - Media Engineering Institute, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
GeoTuple: a Framework for Web Based Geo-Analytics with R and PostGISRoland Hansson - Nova Spatial LLC.
High resolution topography of Polar Regions using open source software, optical satellite imagery, and supercomputing resourcesClaire Porter & Paul Morin - Polar Geospatial Center; Ian Howat & Myong-Jong Noh - Ohio State University; Michael Willis - University of Colorado-Boulder; Michael Cloutier - Polar Geospatial Center
Implementation of a large-scale, interactive agricultural water balance model using R and GDAL [Academic]Lorenzo Booth & Joshua Viers - School of Engineering, University of California, Merced
Making Ocean Observations Accessible and Usable: A Standards and Software Case StudyMicah J Wengren - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Luke S Campbell - RPS Group Plc; Dr. Richard P. Signell - U.S. Geological Survey
NASA: Mapping software for rapid science decision making while exploring lava flows to simulate a human Mars missionTamar E. Cohen - SGT Inc./NASA Ames Research Center; Dr. David S. Lees - CMU/NASA Ames Research Center; Johannes Norheim - MIT; Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman - MIT; Dr. Matthew C Deans - NASA Ames Research Center; Yeon Jin Lee - SGT Inc./NASA Ames Research Center; Dr. Darlene S.S. Lim - BAER/NASA Ames Research Center
OpenHistoryMapMarco Montanari - Modal Nodes, OpenHistoryMap; Raffaele Trojanis - Studio Kulla, OpenHistoryMap; Silvia Bernardoni - Studio Kulla, OpenHistoryMap
Processing conservation indicators with open source tools: lessons learnt from the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas [Academic]Lucy Bastin, Andrea Mandrici, & Luca Battistella - Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
Providing API Access to Cutting Edge Forest Monitoring and Analysis ToolsAsa Strong, Thomas Maschler, & Charlie Hofmann - World Resources Institute
SERCH Lights: Delivering the right information, in the right place, at the right time.John G. Cobb, III - USDA Forest Service
The combined snow and land cover albedo matrix optimization. [Academic]Martin Album Ytre-Eide - Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
The Making of Globe Nocturne - Building a Web Application for Night-time Satellite Imagery in Environmental & Socio-Economic Studies with Open Source Geospatial Technologies [Academic]Qing Liu - University of Denver
The role of open source geospatial software for market research in natural resourcesArne Schumacher - Federal Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources
The Utility of Beautiful Geovisualizations [Academic]Laura Tateosian, Christopher Healey, Pavel Kozik, James Enns -NC State
Towards A Web-Enabled Geo-Sample Web: An Open Source Resource Management and Registration System for Connecting Geo-Samples to the Web [Academic]Anusuriya Devaraju, Jens Klump, Simon Cox, Victor Tey, & Ryan Fraser - CSIRO
Towards OSGeo best practices for scientific software citation: Integration options for persistent identifiers in OSGeo project repositories [Academic]Peter Löwe & Jan Goebel - German Institute for Economic Research DIW; Markus Neteler - Mundialis; Marco Tullney - German National Library of Science and Technology TIB
Transformation of the Energy-related Severe Accident Database to an open source, interactive, web-based GIS application for risk visualization and decision-supportWansub Kim - Singapore ETH Centre
Under water: how open source geospatial can help us understand the hidden costs of the Pak Beng damPenny Beames - McGill University
Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor - an extensive tool for climate servises in urban areas [Academic]Fredrik Lindberg - University of Gothenburg; Sue Grimmond - University of Reading
USGS Open Source Algorithms for Land Remote Sensing Time-Series Data AnalysisPeter Doucette - USGS; Brian Sauer - USGS/EROS
Using Mapbox and GDAL to Visualize Trends in Ocean Phytoplankton from NASA Earth Observations Satellite ImagesRob Chohan - ePi Rational, Inc.; Michael Riedijk - Oceaneos Environmental Solutions, Inc.
Visualization and analysis of active transportation patterns derived from public webcamsAnna Petrasova, Aaron Hipp. & Helena Mitasova - North Carolina State University
Weather from 250 miles up: visualizing precipitation satellite data (and other weather applications) using CesiumJS.Matthew Lammers - KBRwyle/NASA
What defines a neighborhood?Michelle Ho - CARTO